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General Comments or General Discussion


2005-04-18: pbwiki provides their own RSS thingy. See the login page.


2005-09-13: Find an RSS reader (what is it? what does it do?) http://email.about.com/od/rssfeedreaders/


2005-09-12: Got the RSS Feed to work. Put in "http://agileconsortium.pbwiki.com/rss.php" to your reader and you will be prompted for your username and password. Seems to be working! -mike

  • In fact, Bloglines does not prompt - but if you put in this url, it works (remove blank, insert pw) http ://user:PASSWORD@agileconsortium.pbwiki.com/rss.php


2005-09-03: Added a SideBar to keep frequently-used links visible on all pages. Good idea? --deb


2005-09-02: Should we have a rule here that new comments are added to the top? -- Joe

  • there are lots of ways to edit... I'm always puzzled which convention to use. --deb
  • Putting the newest on the top means that you don't need to scroll down (more helpful as the list gets longer.) -- Joe





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