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How to get to be an apprentice / coach (1)


Apprenticeship to Coach Process


(Gantt chart/swim lane the timeline with engagements and points they will be covering.)



As an apprentice...

1. Computer Based Training (What is Agile?)

2. Discuss becoming a coach with mentor coach

3. Training: 2 Day Certified Scrum Master (CSM) class

4. Completes 2+ releases

a. Pass internal documentation audit > 90%

b. Customer Value/survey

c. Team Morale/input

5. Duration: min. 90 – 120 days

6. Several "inspect & adapt" cycles with mentor coach and key company managers

7. Create effective user stories, use burndown charts, did they reduce complexity, create value, etc. [We need to add more here.]

8. Mentor coach & company manager recommendations


To be certified...

1. Training 2 Day Certified Scrum Master (CSM) class

2. Experience - Complete Apprenticeship

3. Test >80%

4. Pass company Panel (oral exam)

5. Exceptions

b. Experience

c. Panel > 75% on test hurdle

d. Test

e. Other Training




• Coach – Scrum Master class + company qualifications requires < 10% coach assistance on project



Mentor Coach Expectations:

• Tools – burndown charts, storyboards,

• Team Dynamics

• Conflict Resolution

• Customer Engagement

• Knowledge of company documentation standards & processes

• Unit of Measure: story points …

• Already Baked

• Statement (why the apprentice is ready)


Panel Expectations:

Attendees: Agile champions, people with knowledge of being a scrum master

• What did you learn?

• Why should you be a coach?

• Tool drill down with experience.

• Which symptoms of trouble did they experience and how did they overcome them?


Agile champion expectations:




If an extended period (define the amount of time) of time elapses between practicing, what steps need to be included to re-certify a coach?

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