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Jeff Sutherland Presentation at NYC-SPIN Sept 5, 2007


Sutherland Real World Exp Creating Agile Companies SPIN NY Sep 2007.pdf


Brown Bags

A brown bag is a short meeting, probably over lunch, to discuss one topic (usually as an introduction).


Here is a presentation called:  "Intro: Agile over lunch". 

Agile_Intro 2007-04-20.pdf


It provides an introduction to Agile and uses Scrum as a concrete example.


Team Size


We are surprised that people need convincing to keep a team small (7 people plus/minus 2).

Communication Nodes 2007-12-5.pdf 

This short deck showing communication nodes suggests how much harder communication is with larger groups.  If you want them on the same page.


* * *


More decks to follow. 


But remember, it's not the deck, it's "did the the audience learn enough to take action?"  The deck is only a minor help in that direction.

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