Scrum Guide

The Scrum Guide by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber is an evolving document.  We will try to keep here the latest version.


This is the newest edition, from 2017:



Bear in mind that this guide is talking about the bare framework of Scrum.


It does not attempt to talk about Release Planning, for example, which almost everyone must do.  There are many other things a Scrum Team must do. Not all of these can be articulated in this short guide. Nor can everything be fully explained, even in a much longer book.  So, like Scrum, this Scrum Guide expects you to think for yourself, taking into account your specific situation.  You are much more likely to ADD to the framework than subtract from it.


If you decide not to play the whole game (by all the rules) please tell people "We are not playing Scrum, but we are playing something Scrum-ish."  At least they will be slightly better informed.


There are also some documents that discuss the changes to the Scrum Guide over the years.